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Kiss Our Grits!   No, Wait...  Suck Our Grits! 1999-08-16 Staff
That's much edgier.  Also edgy: if Wonderland had lots of Asian neon signs and steam.
Like you, we were baffled by American Mcgee's Alice.  The one thing we knew for sure after visiting the official site was that the University of Getting Fired From id had graduated another self-proclaimed genius.   First Romero, now McGee: Not since the Manhatten Project have so many "sick and brilliant" minds conspired to create such giant, expensive bombs.  If designing a competent quake level is all it takes to declare oneself some kind of prodigious savant, then guess who else qualifies?  Believe it or not, Levelord.  But still, the question remains: What is American McGee's Alice?  At first we thought it might have something to do with the opium-induced fantasy stories Victorian pornographer Lewis Carroll wrote to convince children to have sex with him.  But then we read that McGee planned to take his mysterious source material and make it "edgy."  Creating an on edge variation of Carroll's violent, bizarre work would be pointless - like filming an "edgy" remake of Taxi Driver.  Not to mention that everyone in the world lost interest in hearing about the latent nightmarishness of Alice on September 17, 1865, four days after the book was released.  McGee - who marketing experts at Electronic Arts have described as "brilliant" - is obviously aware of these facts, so we knew his inspiration could not be Alice in Wonderland.  At this point, and after flash4 crashed my workstation, I was ready to give up and forget about the whole thing.   Chet is not so easily discouraged, however.  Bafflement, in fact, makes him angry.  He began screaming threats and his head turned purple. Thinking quickly, I called EA and pointed the phone at Chet's mouth.  Within minutes we not only had the whole story, we scored the world's first American McGee's Alice screenshots, the edgy theme music, and news of what sick, brilliant projects are next for the reclusive genius.  In case you haven't clicked here yet, click here.

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