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Rune Review Rebuttal
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...they'll just stand there while you decapitate them...

Finally, a game that understand my desires.  Do I really want to chase down my enemy to slay him?  While Erik might think that AI which causes the monsters to flee or even jiggle around a little would be fun, I am a 100% supporter of target dummy AI.  What am I, some kind of fucking TA at a nursery school for skeletons?  I don't want to chase the damn things around all day.  Line 'em up and let me stroll by and smash them with a hammer, I say.

Everything from a Goblin ax to a short Viking sword to an awesome two-handed sword is at your disposal.

Are you kidding me?  Everything from a Viking sword to a two-handed sword?  If that range includes a skeleton sword and a goblin sword, color me sheet-white, because I'm passed out from excitement!  How in the hell could Erik think combat was repetitive with this lineup? 

(No score given, probably 100/100)

What is most intriguing in Rune is the Viking mythology.
Rune's strongest point is its background.

See, now this is a real thinking man's opinion.  The best part of the game isn't the game, or even the story in the game, but the mythology on which the game is based!  This is exactly why I liked Sid Meier's Gettysburg - because America rules!

gblogo.gif (1895 bytes)

Do you see that Erik?  I have no idea what these words mean, but none of them are rated any lower than 19 out of 20.  So no matter what area any of your complaints is in, my Brazilian friends give it at least a 19.  Thanks to a few letters to John Romero from one of my Hotmail accounts, I now know that "Inteligencia Artificial" means articifial intelligence.  Even most of the good reviews mention that the AI in Rune is sort of lacking.  As I stated, this is a plus for me.  But the cranky pros at Games Brasil are not so lenient.  The absence of any kind of complicated enemy intelligence cost Rune one full percentage pointLos ouch! 


...most advancements throughout a level are completed through the successful completion of a puzzle. While these puzzles aren't that challenging... Most puzzles are quite linear, and although they may be simplistic...

Finally, somone else who admits it.   Complicated puzzles are too much in games.  I want to flip a switch, see a brief movie of what that did and then, like some rush hour rubber necker, cruise by the scene of the action and check it out.  The days of me wanting to figure out what to do with the babble fish are over.  If I have to do any action that involves more than one step, please provide me with a sidekick who'll remind me of the second step, or preferably just do the second step.

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