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Rune Review Rebuttal
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In a genre where the single player experience has grown tired and dull, it is refreshing to see a game that can stand on its gameplay alone. Considering Rune uses the “find lever, open door, keep on trekking” formula, this is an even greater achievement.

Once again, Erik is handed his pink yarmulke by an astute reviewer.  Erik sees gameplay as something that primarily involves what you do in the game.  If you needed any more evidence that Erik is kind of a retard, there you go.  The gameplay in Rune transcends any simple find the lever formula.  How?  Viking magic! OMFG, LOL!  But seriously, the review isn't quite clear, so as not to spoil any of Rune's wicked puzzle-based jumping action I imagine.  Maybe it's because, as Firing Squad pointed out, sometimes the lever is hidden as a torch!

Other nice touches include your ability to wield the weapon of a fallen enemy. When fighting dwarves for example, you may “borrow” their war hammers once you have defeated them

Wow!  I've read almost 20 reviews and this is the first one to mention this feature!  I can totally understand now why my new best friend Sami 'Syllogism' Asiri gives Rune an 88. Honestly, I think it should be higher!  You name me one game that lets you take weapons off your fallen foe.  I'll give you a minute... Done?  That's right - there aren't any!  If I had played Rune and then written a review, I would have given that feature 20 points right there.  So if you take Sami's review and add it to mine, Rune now gets an unbelieveable 108!  I think thats an A+ even at Harvard.


Okay, I give up pretending I like these reviews.  What the fuck is going through these people's minds?  Even reviews that read as if the author doesn't like Rune (IGN for example) give it a 90.  I don't get it.  This review at 3D gaming daily just broke me.  Is this his first review?  He has all of 3 games to draw on for comparison.

Do you remember when you were in 10th grade and one of your friends asks you if you want to go to a Billy Squier show?  You have no idea who this guy is because your entire musical taste is defined by your second oldest sister's music collection of Led Zepplin, Iggy Pop, David Bowie and the Ramones.  So you say, "Yeah, Billy Squier rocks.  I'll go."  Then you go and it's your first show ever so you get caught up in it.  By the time you're riding home you're thinking, "Billy fucking Squier Rocks!   He's the rockest motherfucker ever!"

I had a revelation two days later when I saw Billy Squier's My Kinda Lover video on MTV.  Not only did Billy Squier not rock, he made me feel like a fag for ever liking him in the first place.  I can only hope that 3D Gaming Daily's Jared Taylor gets his revelation soon.



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