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Rune Review Rebuttal
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The Rune Review Rebuttal by Chet

I never received my promised copy of Rune.  Sophisticated professional gamer Erik got his and wouldn't share.   He solved it, then decided to start reviewing it without me.  The result?  He has now blown two reviews.  Just like Rune message board bigwig Mithril says in the above post, I don't need to play Rune to know that Erik is ignorant.  I've done so little actual work in my life that my hands are smooth little knobs like fetus hands, so why should I potentially strain them actually playing the game when I can prove Erik wrong by simply leveraging the opinions of my many online friends?  I will now do just that by utilizing all of the unbelievably positive reviews Rune's been getting to expose Erik as a fraud at everything he does except for being an imbecile.  Erik is wrong, Erik makes ignorant statements, and I won't even have to go very far out of my way to point out all of his logical fallacies.   If I was Erik, I wouldn't want to be me right now.  Note: Quotes from the reviews are in yellow.  You can click on a site's logo to be transported to the site's review of Rune.

Erik's Rebuttal to the Rebuttal



Here's a picture I thought you should see of me and Chet playing Rune.  I'm the one to your right on whom Rune has just acted like a powerful knock-out drop.  Please note that the camera adds ten pounds - to my crotch!!!  Also note that Chet is playing Rune with a Dreamcast controller.  The photo doesn't show it, but the controller isn't hooked up to anything.  That's how Chet plays every game.  He watches the attract mode, fiddles with his "eemcas" controller and squeals.  Kinda makes you wonder if Mortyr's so bad after all.  It is, by the way.

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